Travel Services

Transportation Services

If you need a hospital pick-up or drop off, or if you are wanting to visit a friend, take a shopping trip, have an appointment, or just take a day out, our Caregivers can provide transportation services that may be needed for those unable to drive due to restrictions or physical inabilities. Arrangements can be made to use our care-giver vehicles or your own, which ever you are most comfortable with.

FULL Travel services: From booking to return

Sometimes you need to go down south to see a family member or a friend, sometimes you just want to get away. Maybe you want to take a vacation, or a cruise, though are you not able to, or comfortable enough traveling alone. Worry no more! TWA will assist you planning the trip, during the trip and can even assign a home and animal care taker while you and your aide are away. We will make sure that you have a reliable and honest Aide Care Companion to travel with you, and we can handle your pets and home while you are away. No matter where you you may be traveling to in the world, you can count on TWA to be there with you. Your Aide Care Companion can be there with you while traveling.

For travel services a 3-week notice normally required for domestic travel, and a 6-week notice for international travel. We know that sometimes 3-week notices are not possible in times of a family emergency or matter of urgency, we will work with you. Please ask our representative more about our travel service program and prices.

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